Psychotherapy & Reiki

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Energetic Body Work

Spiritual Awakening

Therapy Session

The integration of psychotherapy and Reiki is a modality for working through and healing depression as well as anxiety, trauma, PTSD, relationship issues, attachment disorders, and phobias. It involves a holistic approach to wellness, one that considers the mind, body, spirit, and soul of an individual. 

This paradigm of integrating talk therapy, energetic body work, and spiritual awakening offers an opportunity for peace. Specific attention is given to the body, the strong therapeutic relationship, and to the recognition of spirituality. 


Psychotherapy and Reiki is a dynamic process that leads to increased awareness of living and being in the present moment. The healing that may result from the integration of psychotherapy and Reiki promotes symptom reduction, new perspectives of hope and empowerment, new coping skills, and positive changes in relationships.

The term “healing,” in this discussion, does not refer to a cure of a disease, but rather a process of personal life-giving transformation that is dynamic and occurs over time.

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