The Spirituality of Healing

The spirituality of the integration of psychotherapy and Reiki provides new perspectives and awareness of the sacred within each person.  The theological term, Imago Dei, defines the inherent value and dignity in every individual and implies that as humans, we have a divine spirituality; a moral, spiritual, and intellectual nature that is created. As healing occurs, perceptions of ourselves change and  recognition of our significance in the world is established.  There is hope. 

The term "healing" is used to define a process of personal life-giving transformation.  Healing is not limited to the body, or even the mind, but includes the spiritual essence of a person. Healing occurs in the present moment with an awareness of what is happening in the body and is an experience of "wholeness." 


Healing is a physical and energetic release from unwanted emotions that are held in the body that can cause physical pain and discomfort. The process of healing is dynamic and occurs as an evolutionary and ongoing process over time.