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The mission of Trinity Healing  & Wellness Center, Inc. is to assist and empower individuals in their healing process so that they experience peace, manifest goals and maintain optimal health.

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Become a Reiki Practitioner - Starting August 9th

This class is open to everyone. Since, spirituality can not be separated from a person and flows through all aspects of life, anyone can embrace this practice and enhance their daily quality of life. Reiki (ray-key) is a dynamic process that brings awareness to the present moment, promotes peace and decreases stress. 

During the 11 months, you learn how to define and use Reiki, develop a practice, the symbols associated with all levels of Reiki, the history of Reiki, working with Spirit Guides, and elements of Reiki and the meditations associated with each symbol. This process and style of teaching allows for personal life-giving transformation as well as the knowledge of Reiki.

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"The Powerful, Magnificent YOU: Let's Create" is a 30 day series designed to empower you and fill you with peace and hope. Peace is meant to be experienced in all emotions, anywhere, at any time.

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Body, Spiritual Healing, & Peace
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 I appreciate that it takes courage and hope to face issues, change patterns, and commit to a process of self-discovery. Through your process, I offer encouragement, support, hope, authenticity and a therapeutic friendship - a relationship that I deeply value.

I believe that we are spiritual beings and as such our spirituality flows through every aspect of life. We are powerful, magnificent individuals who innately know how to create. I encourage you to live in the present moment, with an abundance mindset, and create the life you desire.

I provide a holistic approach to health and healing through the integration of psychotherapy and Reiki. This model of integrating talk therapy and energetic body work provides an opportunity for healing of the body, mind, spirit, and soul; an experience of overall peace and life-giving transformation.

I value a safe and nurturing therapeutic environment where acceptance, understanding, and unconditional positive regard is emphasized. I offer psychotherapy and Reiki sessions virtually, through an online TeleHealth site, Doxy.Me. I also offer online self reflection courses, retreats, and outdoor activities to facilitate the healing process.

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