Reiki Spirituality Retreats and Workshops

Shamanic Reiki Wilderness Hiking & Backpacking Retreats

Please join Dr. Toni and Chris Hemmerich for daily hikes and one and two night wilderness backpacking retreats.

Experience the spirituality of being in nature. Face your fears, doubts, and worries, and open yourself to the adventure. These hikes are filled with the empowering and peaceful energy of Shamanic Reiki.

Whether it is a daily hike, or an adventure sleeping in a tent, everything we need, we will carry on our backs. 

Experience what it is like to live with no anxiety and move through any fears. When we are on the trails, the anxiety of life is just not there. You are truly present, living in nature, cooking and eating your meals, drinking water from the streams and rivers, sleeping under the night sky, and expanding your reality of what you can do.


We can not guarantee the weather, or the conditions of the trails, or any creatures that we might encounter, but we can guarantee that this experience will enrich your life. You will push beyond limits, restrictions, and other social constructs and truly expand your perspectives of yourself and life. Create the life you desire, find peace, claim happiness, and thrive! Dr. Toni is Wilderness First Aid Certified and CPR certified. Chris Hemmerich, Shamanic Reiki Master, is also First Aid Certified and CPR certified.

Dates of Hikes: TBD
One Day Reiki Hiking Retreat: $350.00
One Night Wilderness Backpacking and Hiking Reiki Retreat: $500.00
Two Night Wilderness Backpacking and Hiking Reiki Retreat: $750.00

The Mighty Magnificent You: Let's Create & Celebrate Success

Join us for a Mind, Body & Wellness Creation Retreat hosted by Dr. Toni Hemmerich and Chris Hemmerich. Learn how to experience peace and create the life that you desire.

Friday night bonfire and all day Saturdaydates TDB Spring 2024

We are powerful Beings. Our thoughts and intentions set the groundwork for the World that we create. The Mighty Magnificent You Retreat explores our doubts, fears, and negative thought patterns that may be causing unwanted experiences or situations in our lives. During our time together, we release fears and embrace our beauty, our strength, and our magnificence. We discover how to then create our World and life that we desire.

Bryce Canyon National Park Shamanic Reiki Backpacking Retreat 

More information coming soon!

This is a 3-day 2-night retreat: dates TBD Summer 2024

I spent time this past summer in Utah and Bryce Canon National Park. I loved it! I want to share the experience and the beautiful energy with you. If you have any interest or desire to be in Bryce next summer, start now to prepare. Grab a tent, buy comfortable hiking shoes and get in shape. Let's go!

Discover Your Authentic You Mask Making Workshop

Stay tuned for future workshop dates.

Please join us for a mask making workshop designed to discover the "authentic you". Identify the masks you wear and how to move beyond these masks and create the life you desire. Learn about the unnatural ways that you may show up in the world by encountering some of the masks that you show others. Doubt, worry, tear, and insecurities may cause us to be weary of showing our authentic self to others. The workshop consists of two parts. The first night is designed to reveal the masks we put on and show others by making a mask out of plaster apparatus. The second night, we use our creative talents and paint the masks. This night is focused on creating our presence in the world and feeling the joy of being human.

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Join us and Recognize Capabilities Beyond Your Imagination!

You are invited to be apart of a magnificent, transformational journey. An experience that opens and empowers your creative process by facing fears, doubts, worries and pushing past limits and resistance. This journey is right in front of you; one that goes Within to find peace, wisdom, and happiness.

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A Word on Healing

The term “healing,” in this discussion, does not refer to a cure of a disease, but rather a process of personal life-giving transformation that is dynamic and occurs over time.