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Process of Success Workshop

Saturday, April 30, 2022 @ 10am

Please join us for a day long workshop on the "process of success" at the Four Acres Living Alpaca Farm. Yes, an alpaca farm!
Success in life is a creative process and a journey.  It is filled with happiness, hope, love, and occurs in all aspects of our lives: health, relationships, career, and wealth. 
This mind-body-spirit-soul Wellness event is focused on defining, recognizing, creating, and celebrating Success. 
The day includes sessions on goals and intentions, filling our "happiness toolbox", the moments of wonder and awe that bring us to the present moment, and of course, time with our Spiritual Guides.
Come for the workshop and stay for the Spring Celebration. This retreat concludes with a celebration of our past, present, and future successes with a party at The Farm. The cost of the retreat includes the Spring Celebration from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Friends and family are welcome to join for the evening fun and can purchase tickets directly from The Farm
You are invited to experience success and then celebrate it! (weather permitting, some sessions will be outside.)
The Four Acres Living Alpaca Farm provides a safe and peaceful environment for you to meditate and go "within." The hospitality here offers comfort, relaxation, and a space for creativity. You can be vulnerable and open to the healing process. The manner of the animals is joyful and playful. Please join us at The Farm for the Success Workshop and Spring Celebration and experience the "Alpaca Peace" and magic.
The Spring Celebration is a party with live dance music by Taylor Knox and the Musician Decade 80, wines from Salted Vines, and appetizers and desserts. A portion of the proceeds of the Spring Celebration benefit Theresa's Battleship Foundation for childhood cancer. It's time to celebrate. 

Go Beyond! Create Your Life

Reiki Wilderness Hiking & Backpacking Retreat

June 24th-26th, 2022 in Shenandoah, VA

Please join us on our empowering 2 night hiking and backpacking retreat!

Experience the spirituality of being in nature. Face your fears, doubts, and worries, and open yourself to the adventure.

Three days and two nights in the backcountry! Everything we need, we will carry on our backs. Retreat led by Chris Hemmerich and Dr. Toni Hemmerich.

Experience the outdoors with a 20 mile, 3 day hike. Live in nature. Sleep under the night sky. Eat your meals around the camp fire. Drink water from streams and rivers. Connect with your inner Light. Meditate. Enrich your life. Enjoy and trust the process. Face your doubts, fears, and worries, that limit our creative process and learn to push beyond limits, restrictions, and other social constructs. You can do it.

From within, find peace, claim happiness, and thrive!

Discover Your Authentic You Mask Making Workshop

Sunday Workshop - March 13th @ 10am in Jersey City, NJ

2-Part Workshop Wednesdays: May 11th & May 18th @ 6pm in Lewes, DE

Please join us for a mask making workshop designed to discover the "authentic you". Identify the masks you wear and how to move beyond these masks and create the life you desire. Learn about the unnatural ways that you may show up in the world by encountering some of the masks that you show others. Doubt, worry, tear, and insecurities may cause us to be weary of showing our authentic self to others. The workshop consists of two parts. The first night is designed to reveal the masks we put on and show others by making a mask out of plaster apparatus. The second night, we use our creative talents and paint the masks. This night is focused on creating our presence in the world and feeling the joy of being human.

Introducing: The 2022 Master Within Series

The Master Within series offers 5 nights of self exploration and learning that leads to life-giving transformation. Focusing on empowering you to find strength, answers, guidance, and confidence, the Master Within series is designed to reactivate your heart chakra and allow for divine inspiration, from within. Choose the workshop that best suits you, or attend all 5 events.  Space is limited, learn more and register below.

Allow the guidance and connection with your Ancestors to enhance your relationships, physical, mental, and emotional health and your successes. 

$95.00 USD

Birthdays can be a time of reflection on our life purpose and a commitment to our Divine Purpose. We set intentions for our creative process and make plans for a peaceful and joyful year. 

$95.00 USD

Healers and “medicine persons” move through dimensions, and access pathways, to heal mental, physical and spiritual issues, gain knowledge and wisdom, understand the past, present and future. You can do this as well. 

$95.00 USD

Connect with East, South, West, and North. Learn how moving into the Sacred Directions can guide you and assist you in the creation process. Each Direction has energies, purpose, and ways to inspire and motivate you. 

$95.00 USD

Manifest your goals by consciously connecting with the energies of your animal totem. This practice assists us in strengthening our imaginative abilities and allows us to adapt and change to life’s situations with grace and ease.

$95.00 USD

The Mighty Magnificent You: Let's Create Retreat

Join us for a Mind, Body & Wellness Creation Retreat at the Four Acres Living Alpaca Farm hosted by Dr. Toni Hemmerich and Chris Hemmerich. Learn how to experience peace and create the life that you desire.

This is a two day retreat:
October 21, 2022—6:30pm–9:00pm (arrive between 6:30-6:45pm)
October 22, 2022—9:30am–5:00pm (arrive between 9:30-9:45am)

Join us and Recognize Capabilities Beyond Your Imagination!

You are invited to be apart of a magnificent, transformational journey. An experience that opens and empowers your creative process by facing fears, doubts, worries and pushing past limits and resistance. This journey is right in front of you; one that goes Within to find peace, wisdom, and happiness.

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A Word on Healing

The term “healing,” in this discussion, does not refer to a cure of a disease, but rather a process of personal life-giving transformation that is dynamic and occurs over time.