Go Ahead... Laugh

Dec 11, 2022

How do I laugh?

Our health and wellness is governed by our thoughts, emotions, behavior, and even our spiritual outlook on life.

Try these exercises that are designed to assist the body, mind, and spirit to laugh more. Remember, as humans it is our right to laugh.


Laughter requires the muscles in your face to relax. Laughing requires a sound. We do not laugh quietly.

Bring your attention to the tension in your jaw, neck, upper back, and shoulders.

Take a long and slow inhale breath, and then exhale. Repeat. Breathe into your heart center.

Tell your jaw to relax. Tell your mouth to relax. Tell your cheek bones and ears to relax. Raise your shoulders to your ears and then drop them. Allow any stress to run down your arms and out your fingertips, relaxing your neck, shoulders, and upper back. Move your neck from side to side, then up and down. Relax the body. You have the right to laugh.


You are meant to be on this Earth, at this time. You have a right to be here. You have a right to all “good.” You have a right to abundance and prosperity. These beliefs and concepts reflect a healthy throat chakra.

Our thoughts are significant and govern how we process information. How we think determines how we feel and behave. Negative or pessimistic thoughts attribute to an unhealthy and unrealistic expression of ourselves. What we think about ourselves, we put out into the world.

Consider this: If your thought is negative and you tell yourself that you are nothing, worthless, and that you do not deserve, then that thought becomes your reality. You will experience life in a manner that produces scarcity. You are a very powerful Being. If this thought is what you believe, then that is what you manifest in the world.

You can shift that perspective.

Sit quietly. Breathe deeply and easily into your heart center. Allow thoughts to come into your awareness. The thoughts may be centered around what you need to accomplish today, your shopping list, or how you feel about yourself. Reflect on the thoughts. Do not accept any thought that does not serve you or bring about the highest sacred vibration into your body. Push the negative thoughts away, as you would swipe away a nagging fly. Be intentional in your thinking and what you are calling into your awareness. You can take control of your thoughts.

Now try bringing these statements into your awareness:

I enjoy life. I experience fun. Life is pleasurable. I create joyful moments every day. I am worthy of merriment and amusement. It is safe for me to experience an abundant life now. I have the right to laugh.

Repeat this statement 3 times. Continue with this affirmation daily.

Relax the mind and laugh.


You are on this earth, at this time, for a divine purpose. You are alive. You create and manifest your life. No matter what your current circumstances are, you can allow the sacred Universal energies to work with you and create a life of joy, fun, merriment, and pleasure. You have the right to experience laughter.

“I breathe deeply and easily as the peace of the Universe fills me. I am aware of God’s presence within me. I am aware of God’s presence here and now.”

Repeat this statement 7 times. Feel the peace of the Universe, the life force energy moving through you and around you as you breathe.

Now, see a beautiful, brilliant light in your heart center. With every breath you take, the light gets brighter and stronger. With every breath you take, you feel more empowered, more confident, more centered.

Practice laughing. You have the right to experience laughter.

Depression is dark, heavy, and painful. Anxiety produces uncertainty and doubt. Fear is paralyzing. Activities that bring about laughter and relationships that promote fun assist in healing depression and anxiety.

Practice laughing. Look at yourself in a mirror and smile.

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