Healing Modalities & Methods

Reiki, (pronounced ray-key), is a spiritually guided, loving, life force energy that promotes a calm and peaceful state, stress reduction, and compassion for the self and others.

The practitioner-based energy approach can be given as a standalone treatment, integrative approach, or to compliment Western medical treatment. The practice of Reiki addresses physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual matters. It is believed to come from the highest, sacred source and therefore cannot cause harm or be facilitated incorrectly.

Reiki is a gentle and simple process. The energy technique is most commonly facilitated by a light touch on or above the body by a Reiki practitioner. It can also be facilitated through meditation, spiritual prayer, or body focusing techniques.‚Äč

Additionally, Reiki promotes present moment awareness and a recognition of an individual’s spirituality that flows through all aspects of life.

During COVID-19, Reiki is given distantly and is just as effective as in person.

Psychotherapy combined with Reiki and other energy work modalities is a dynamic process that leads to increased awareness of living and being in the present moment.

We offer the integration of psychotherapy with a variety of energy work modalities for working through and healing depression as well as anxiety, trauma, PTSD, relationship issues, attachment disorders, and phobias. It involves a holistic approach to wellness, one that considers the mind, body, spirit, and soul of an individual. 

This paradigm of integrating talk therapy, energetic bodywork, and spiritual awakening offers an opportunity for peace. Specific attention is given to the body, the strong therapeutic relationship, and to the recognition of spirituality. 

 The healing that may result from the integration of psychotherapy and Reiki promotes symptom reduction, new perspectives of hope and empowerment, new coping skills, and positive changes in relationships.

How it Works


The body is an important aspect in the holistic healing process. The integration of psychotherapy and Reiki brings awareness to the body so that unresolved issues and traumas that are held as stress, tension, pain, and discomfort in the body, can be addressed and healed. These issues and traumas may be creating self-defeating thought patterns, poor self-esteem, depression, and other physical ailments. This modality of healing allows for physical and energetic releases in the body of unwanted emotions.

Spiritual Healing

As holistic and sacred Beings, spirituality cannot be isolated from our lives and hence separated from talk therapy. The theological term, Imago Dei, defines the inherent value and dignity in every individual and implies that as humans, we have a divine spirituality; a moral, spiritual, and intellectual nature that is created. As spiritual healing occurs, perceptions of ourselves may change and recognition of our significance in the world is established. 


We learn to live in peace. Peace is accepting ourselves and our emotions and having confidence in our inner strengths. It is trusting the process of life and being in the present moment, truly seeing, feeling, loving, hearing, and breathing. Peace is being. It is not always a serene moment, and we can choose to be peaceful at any time, even at the most anxious and stressful moments.

A Word on Healing

The term “healing,” in this discussion, does not refer to a cure of a disease, but rather a process of personal life-giving transformation that is dynamic and occurs over time.